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Time Stands Still fic

Last night I was still knackered after my recent trip to the mountains and totally needed to sleep it all off. However, I couldn't resist reading the last chapter of the fic Time Stands Still by S05Y31 on fanfiction.net.
Dear God.

To think that at the beginning I'd started reading it more to fill the days waiting for updates of other fics, this story really grew on me. I don't usually care much about fics where children are involved (ew, I see enough of them during working days) and kind of try to avoid them tbh: in here, the reason Naomi gets to take care of the little Mason is different enough to make me keep on reading.
And then comes Emily.

................. I've started to think I might have a thing for stories in which my adored, brave, strong Emily Fitch is transformed into an insecure person trapped in a situation she can't/won't get out of (just see some of my fav fics...). It makes me want to scream at my pc, yet for the life of me I can't stop reading and anxiously waiting for new chapters.

And so, there I was, at 2 am, wanting to shake Fictional!Emily by the shoulders and actually yelling at her to do the right thing and stop being a coward. And then. "Complete". WHAT??? How can that be over like that?! NO, FFS!!! Emileh, Emileeehhhhhh!!! Jesus Christ, no. I need a sequel IMMEDIATELY. Do you hear me, S05Y31?!
Alright, I get that that one was maybe the natural conclusion of that story, considering the characters' personalities and development, so I get that the author felt it had to be closed that way. But now I really want to read more.

Thank fuck there'll be a sequel. I'm waiting.